Sometimes an existing program needs adjustments or the steps to begin a new initiative are not clear. When I consult with a client I combine my domain knowledge, where applicable, with my training experience and utilize in house subject matter experts to create a plan that leads to better outcomes and smoother execution. 
I can help facilitate effective knowledge transfer through a variety of methods and will help you meet your unique goals. I will develop an understanding of your challenges and find solutions that are streamlined and will grow with you. 
Planning is the foundation of a successful training initiative. Conducting a needs assessment leads to a deeper understanding of the audience, performance gaps, challenges, existing programs, in house expertise, and desired outcomes. Before any content is generated I will look at the workflow, technical considerations, and your future needs. 
  • Instructor Lead Training
  • Blended Learning
  • eLearning
I can run new hire training, product training or improve your existing programs. Perhaps one of my currently available courses will meet your needs otherwise I can develop a new program just for you. 

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