Instructor Lead Training


Instructor Lead Training (ILT) Development: 

I can take you from a having problem to delivering a solution. In cases where the solution is unclear I conduct a thorough needs assessment to help us figure out where to go. In cases where the solution is clear but the plan of execution is murky I will help to develop that plan and bring it to completion. In some cases this means building the curriculum, designing the presentations, crafting the student materials, and making instructor supplements to aid others in presenting the course. I can also deliver the course myself rather than using your trainers. 

Sometimes an existing training program is solid but the presentations or supporting materials need work to be more useful and impactful. I redesign these materials to be more visual and more effective. 

Presentation Redesign:

eLearning Development:

There are circumstances where instructor lead training is insufficient, impractical, or otherwise not ideal. eLearning allows students to learn at their pace and experience the material differently. I can take exiting ILT programs and convert them to an online course or develop a novel program for you. To access the course I can setup a Learning Management System (LMS) to contain your content. I have experience with LearnDash and Moodle. 

If you need testing integrated in to your courses I can make them SCORM compliant so that information is reported to the LMS. 

I work in Adobe Captivate 8 and 9 to build courses. To create the graphics and other materials for a course I work with Microsoft PowerPoint 2011/2016, Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, InDesign CS6, and Acrobat Pro. 

eLearning Case Study